Iz Beloy Brigady


We proudly introduce to you Matryoshka IZBB, our foundation breeding female of Nasha Comanda. Matryoshka was imported from breeder Maria Guryeva. Owner of the world renowned kennel, Iz Beloy Brigady in Moscow, Russia. 

Named for the iconic Russian nesting dolls, we have high hopes that our "little matron" will produce many copies of herself and her beautiful family in her puppies.

Matryoshka has had quite the resume for travel, adventure, and success in her young life!

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nasha comanda
FCPR   -  Michigan, USA

Introducing our homebred girl from our A-Litter, ATAKA NASHA COMANDA. Ataka is co-owned with NASHA COMANDA and Gayle Smith in Michigan USA. 

Ataka or "Taka" as she is lovingly referred to, was our first puppy born and had the great honor of being named after her grandmother,  TRIPLE FCI World Winner and BBI World Cup Absolute Winner ATAKA IZBB by my mentor, Maria Guryeva (owner/breeder of Ataka IZBB).


We look forward to the bright future this little doll has in front of her! 

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nasha comanda
FCPR   -  Hawaii, USA

Introducing our second born homebred girl from our A-Litter, ARMADA NASHA COMANDA. Armada aka "MadaMada." She is co-owned with NASHA COMANDA and Kiah Moross of Hula Moon Berger Blanc Suisse in Oahu, Hawaii. Armada the fire child, was named after her awesome aunt, ARMADA IZBB, a multi champion and first WSS in Russia to earn the protection title of IPO-2 as well as a Finnish temperament test score of +224! Young Armada is full of happy energy and absolutely brilliant. We hope to see her in obedience trials in the future following in the footsteps of her beautiful namesake!

We are so thrilled to be able to have our sweet girl go to live on the islands with such a pack of dogs and to have Hula Moon as a new team member!! 

Armada heads out to Hawaii this winter. Follow our girl's family at @hulamoonpack on Instagram or on Facebook at Hula Moon Berger Blanc Suisse.

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Arizona wild
nasha comanda
FCPR   -  Indiana, USA


Introducing our third homebred girl, ARIZONA WILD NASHA COMANDA. Arizona was the last baby born in our A-Litter. Originally set to leave the nest, her plans changed and she is now very likely to be a lake girl for life.

Zo will start showing and IGP training in 2023. She is full of energy, great drives and always ready to snuggle in between! We are excited to see what is in store for our beautiful girl as she grows up!

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**non-breeding !

of Wildwood
Born in Washington, USA
Imported German, French lineage


Introducing our wild sporty girl, known at home as "Sundance." While she is a *NON BREEDING* female she will always play an important role here at NASHA COMANDA. As my first WSS, Sundance has taught me so much about our breed and has been my main partner as a trainer. Whether she goes to work with me as a "demo dog," attends class as my dog in training, or goes to a trial, we always learn something new together.  She embodies much of what I consider to be the "Total Dog" and hope to see these qualities in pups she helps to watch over too! 


Sun comes from lovely breeder and friend Lauren Hollister Kliewer, of Wildwood Kennels in Washington State, USA. 

Sundance will be the resident "auntie" to all our puppies here at NASHA COMANDA!

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